Daniel Bodenmüller


Latest refereed publications, retrieved from NASA ADS:

Boggio, J. M. C., Bodenmüller, D., Ahmed, S., ..., 2022
Nature Communications, 13, 1292; published March 2022
Participating AIP sections and groups: innoFSPEC / Astrophotonics
Chavez Boggio, J. M., Fremberg, T., Bodenmüller, D., Sandin, C., Zajnulina, M., Kelz, A., Giannone, D., Rutowska, M., Moralejo, B., Roth, M. M., ..., 2018
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Optics Communications, 393, 95; published June 2017
Participating AIP sections and groups: innoFSPEC / Astrophotonics, innoFSPEC
Schmälzlin, E., Moralejo, B., Bodenmüller, D., ... Roth, M. M., 2016
Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems, 5, 2, 261; published July 2016
Participating AIP sections and groups: innoFSPEC, innoFSPEC / Astrophotonics