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Dr. Ralf-Dieter Scholz



Main Research Fields:

* Solar neighbourhood stars, traditionally uncovered by their high proper motions (see our review from 2006 in Calar Alto Newsletter, and a BdW report from 2014 on the youngest stellar neighbour), which have sometimes even visited the solar system (news from 2015, video by Harald Lesch , NEW: Interview with Deutschlandradio Kultur in February 2017),

* and brown dwarfs (see e.g. ESO Press Release from 2003 on the discovery of epsilon Indi B , soon afterward resolved as a binary brown dwarf),

* Hyper-velocity stars (e.g. HD 271791 featured in Spiegel online 2009 and SDSS J1539+0239 discussed 2010 in,

* Cool subdwarfs (e.g. this visitor from the Galactic halo attracting attention in 2004; for follow-up parallax measurements see Calar Alto Observatory Press release from 2009),

* Survey of Galactic open clusters - in collaboration with Anatoly Piskunov (INASAN Moscow), Nina Kharchenko (MAO Kiev), Elena Schilbach and Siegfried Röser (ARI/ZAH Heidelberg) - here you find our latest data release in VizieR@CDS from Kharchenko et al. 2013 with new data on 3006 out of 3784 clusters investigated.