The AIP provides a WiFi infrastructure as part of the worldwide eduroam network. Using this service, users from other participating organisations have access to the internet, when they use use their mobile devices at the AIP campus. The WiFi SSID is "eduroam".

Also, eduroam enables AIP users to access the WiFi network and thereby the internet at other participating organizations.

How can I get access to the eduroam network?

If you are physically in the AIP and you have a valid AIP account, you should connect to the AIP-EMP WiFi. If you connect to the eduroam WiFi, some internal services might not be accessible.

If your are physically at the AIP and have a valid user ID of an other edurom partner organisation, you can connect to the eduroam WiFi and will get access to to the Internet and to public AIP services, but not to the AIP-internal ressources and services.
How do I connect my Windows Laptop to eduroam?

How do I connect my Android device to eduroam?

Terms of use for the eduroam network in the AIP

Last update: 19. February 2021