Educational Activities & Outreach

The recipe to make a galaxy: stars, gas, dust, dark matter, and black holes
Leibniz “Book a Scientist” event, Leibniz Association, Germany (April 2022)

The Human Computer - Katherine Johnson's Story (KJ - Quaternion Books)
Biography and commentary to some of Johnson's reports published in December 2021 by Quaternion Books

3rd Shaw-IAU Workshop on Astronomy for Education
(October 2021)

International Tuesday - Science Jam & Slam (International Tuesday)
Exploring the Universe - An evening of Astronomy (September 2021)

Arts and Science - Das Netz (Das Netz)
Science, dance, and music performance (July & September 2021)

How did galaxies form their stars?
Leibniz “Book a Scientist” event, Leibniz Association, Germany (March 2021)

A look at our neighbors: a journey from the Institute to nearby galaxies
Invited lecture, “Youth for Astronomy & Engineering”, Space Telescope Science Institute (June 2019)

Johns Hopkins University 16th Annual Physics Fair (Physics Fair)
Department of Physics & Astronomy (April 2019)

The Solar System
Girl Scouts STEM day on Space, Camp Conowingo (MD), USA (April 2019)

Star dust - From the birth to black holes: the life of stars
Invited lecture, “Science on Fire”, Schio (VI), Italy (July 2017)

The wonders of our Universe - From this school to the Milky Way!
Invited lecture, Elementary School “Monaldi”, Fermo (FM), Italy (January 2016)

“ALMA ORIENTA” - Bologna University orientation days
Department of Physics & Astronomy (March 2015)

Last update: 7. January 2024