CV of Jürgen Staude

Birth: 1940 March 15 in Erfurt (Germany, Thuringia)
Marital status: married, 2 children
Nationality: German
University education: - Technical University Dresden
- Humboldt University Berlin
Degrees: - 1965 Diploma in Astronomy: Humboldt University, Berlin
- 1971 Dr. rer. nat. (PhD) in Astrophysics: Humboldt University, Berlin
- 1983 Dr. sc. nat.: Academy of Sciences of GDR
- 1991 Dr. rer. nat. habil.: Potsdam University
- 1995 apl. Professor at Potsdam University
Positions: All positions were at the Solar Observatory "Einsteinturm" at Potsdam,
which was a department or working group in different  institutes of astrophysics or solar-terrestrial physics  (with varying names):
- 1965 Junior Researcher
- 1971 Researcher - 1990 Head of Solar Observatory "Einsteinturm" = group "Optical solar physics" (already 1987, but not officially confirmed for political reasons) - 1995 Head of the Solar Physics Section and professor at Potsdam University, guest professor at Berlin Universities - 2005 Retired professor and guest investigator at AIP
Research topics: - Spectro-polarimetry of the full Stokes vector
- Line formation in magnetized atmospheres
- Modelling of solar/stellar atmospheres
- Observation and modelling of magneto-atmospheric waves,
- radiation-hydrodynamic waves, and global solar oscillations
- Modelling of long-periodic oscillations in the solar interior
- Modelling of 3-D magnetic field structure
- Physics of sunspots
- Wave instabilities in the solar corona and solar wind
International activities: Until  1990:  Head of a research project group of East-European Institutes on modelling of solar active regions;
since 1990:  Head of cooperative research projects within grants from the German Science Foundation (DFG), the German Space Research Agency (DARA/DLR), and the EU TMR and INTAS programmes;
Board Member of the "Solar Physics Section" of EPS,
Editorial Board Member of the Journal "Solar Physics",
Board member of the Internal Scientific Committee of the AIP.
Teaching: - Lecturing at the Universities of Berlin and Potsdam,
- Thesis supervision (PhD and Master): 13 candidates
Expert duties: - Referee for journals, mainly:  Advances in Space Research, Astronomy & Astrophysics,  Astrophysical Journal, Astronomische Nachrichten, Monthly Not. Roy. Astr. Soc., Solar Physics.
- Referee for research-funding organisations of Germany (DFG), Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and EU;
Scientific publications: - about 190, most of them in refereed journals;
- 1125 references (July 2015 listed in ADS - incomplete).
Last update: 4. March 2021