Research projects

The One Thousand and One Magellanic Clouds Fields Survey will use 4MOST to measure the kinematics and elemental abundances of many different stellar populations that sample the history of formation and evolution of the Magellanic Clouds.

4MIDABLE-LR will provide the largest spectroscopic follow-up of Gaia, providing a detailed 3D chrono-chemokinematical  map of stellar disk and bar-bulge of the Milky Way.

4-meter Multi Object Spectroscopic Telescope

By measuring precise positions and motions, the ESA satellite Gaia creates the most accurate map of the Milky Way to answer questions about the origin and evolution of our galaxy.

The Galaxy Halos, Outer disks, Substructure, Thick disks and Star clusters survey is a survey of resolved stellar populations in the outskirts of nearby spirals using the Hubble Space Telescope (HST).

The RAdial Velocity Experiment was a survey to measure the radial velocities, metallicities and abundance ratios for nearly half a million stars. The data are available via the project website.

Last update: 5. February 2021