Research projects

PEPSI during daytime: disk-unresolved solar light is fed to the spectrograph from a small Sun-as-a-star telescope. The upgrade SDI-POL will feed polarised light via two fibers to the spectrograph.

A robotic wide-field telescope with a FOV of 50 square degrees to support the PLATO mission

A high-resolution survey of TESS target stars near the northern ecliptic pole.

The STELLA Open Cluster Survey (SOCS) investigates the rotational evolution of cool stars through observations of open clusters with different ages. Precise photometric time series are collected with the STELLA telescope on Teneriffa.

PLATO (PLAnetary Transits and Oscillation of stars) is a satellite mission that will continuously observe a 100 000 stars in a field-of-view of ~2250 sq.deg. using a suite of 24 telescopes.

RoboTel is a smaller copy of STELLA. It serves as a robotic test telescope as well as for educational purposes.

Stellar Tomography - Zeeman-Doppler-Imaging code for the reconstruction and extrapolation of stellar magnetic fields and temperature distributions.

Completed projects

Twin Automatic Photoelectric Telescopes "Wolfgang Amadeus"; robotic stellar photometry from southern Arizona

Last update: 4. February 2021