Christina Chiappini (AIP)

Doing Galactic Archaeology with precise ages: what have we learned?
Wann Am 17.09.2020 von 14:30 bis 15:30
  • Kolloquium
Wo Cyberspace
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Because most stars carry in their outer envelopes the chemical composition inhered at birth, it should be possible to map the star formation history in different parts of the Milky Way by measuring, for stars of different ages, a large array of chemical elements covering different nucleosynthetic sites. This goal seems to be still reachable even in the presence of mergers and radial stellar mixing, i.e., the fact that stars can move away from their birth places, loosing most of their kinematical memory. We show how the combination of detailed multi-dimensional chemical analysis and precise ages can have an great impact on our current understanding of the formation of the MW, and especially of its oldest populations, such as halo, thick disk and bulge. In particular we will highlight recent results obtained from the combination of asteroseismology and spectroscopic surveys.