Daniel Müller (European Space Agency / ESTEC (SCI-S))

Solar Orbiter — Exploring the Sun-Heliosphere Connection
Wann Am 19.07.2018 von 14:30 bis 15:30
  • Kolloquium
Wo SH Lecture Hall
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The heliosphere represents a uniquely accessible domain of space, where fundamental physical processes common to solar, astrophysical and laboratory plasmas can be studied under conditions impossible to reproduce on Earth and unfeasible to observe from astronomical distances. The Solar Orbiter mission is a project of international collaboration between ESA and NASA that will provide unprecedented close-up and high-latitude observations of the Sun. With previously unavailable observational capabilities and a unique inner-heliospheric perspective, Solar Orbiter will address the central question in heliophysics: how does the Sun create and control the heliosphere? In this talk, I will present the scientific goals of the mission and provide an overview of the mission implementation.