Kasper Schmidt (AIP)

Probing galaxy properties with UV emission lines at the Epoch of Reionization and beyond
Wann Am 17.10.2019 von 14:30 bis 15:30
  • Kolloquium
Wo SH Hörsaal
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Star forming galaxies at the epoch of reionization (redshifts beyond 6) are likely the main sources responsible for reionizing the Universe, and therefore provide vital information about the early universe. However, the physical properties of galaxies at the epoch of reionization are largely unknown due to the difficulty of observing these distant and faint objects. Despite recent advancement in targeted rest-frame UV spectroscopic campaigns at z>6, lower-redshift efforts with for instance VLT/MUSE has proven useful in gaining further insight in the physical properties, including metallicity, electron density and ionization state of star forming galaxies in the early Universe. I will present an overview of recent efforts exploring galaxies at the epoch of reionization and beyond using predominantly rest-frame UV emission lines and photo-ionization model grids.