Maria-Rosa Cioni (AIP)

Status of the VMC survey and Proper Motion of the Magellanic Clouds
Wann Am 14.02.2014 von 10:30 bis 12:00
  • Kolloquium
Wo SH, Hörsaal
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The VISTA near-infrared YJKs ESO public survey of the Magellanic Clouds system (VMC) began observations in 2009. To date the survey is about 50% complete and several results have already been obtained. These studies confirm the superior quality of the data to meet the main objectives of deriving spatially resolved star formation histories and the 3D structure of the system, and to contribute to a wealth of legacy science studies.

In this presentation I will briefly review the status of the VMC survey and then I will focus on measurements of the proper motion of stellar populations across the Magellanic system. This is achieved by comparing both the VMC data with the 2MASS data or by using VMC data alone for different, by age, stars selected from colour-magnitude diagrams. The implications of this study on the evolution of the Magellanic system will also be discussed.