Philipp Girichidis (AIP)

The dynamics of the interstellar medium with magnetic fields and cosmic rays
Wann Am 28.03.2019 von 14:30 bis 15:30
  • Kolloquium
Wo SH Hörsaal
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The interstellar medium (ISM) regulates many physical processes from the formation of molecular clouds and stars, to the impact of stellar feedback in the vicinity of stellar systems, to the formation of large-scale feedback like galactic outflows. Thus the ISM controls the matter cycle of gas and the dynamics in galaxies. Using hydrodynamical simulations we study the interplay between the different physical processes including the chemical evolution and different stellar feedback processes. I will focus particularly on the impact of magnetic fields on the distribution of gas and the formation of star-forming regions as well as the dynamical impact of cosmic rays and their role in launching galactic outflows.