Shu Yuan (Yunnan Observatories, Kunming, China)

Polarimetry on the New Vacuum Solar Telescope and polarization simulation for future large telescopes
Wann Am 21.03.2018 von 14:30 bis 15:30
  • Special Seminar
  • Kolloquium
Wo SH, Hoersaal
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The New Vacuum Solar Telescope (NVST) is a 1 meter visible and near-infrared solar telescope located at Fuxian Solar Observatory (FSO), in Yunnan, China. Due to its excellent daytime seeing condition, NVST pursues its main science targets on the high resolution observations of photosphere and chromospheres of the Sun. High accuracy spectropolarimetry with high spatial resolution is the main research field in which FSO scientist are involved. I wish to give a general picture about the instruments and observational outcomes from this telescope, especially focusing on the telescope polarimetric calibration procedures, which is my main research interest. For both solar and nighttime observations polarimetry is playing an increasingly important role for future telescopes design and operations. A polarization ray tracing technique has been developed in order to characterize the polarization transfer function of the telescope, which is the basis for the further development of a polarization simulation tool in future. I will illustrate the application of this technique in order to retrieve the instrumental polarization of the Extremely Large telescope (ELT) and some other telescopes.