Stefano Minardi (AIP)

Integrated astrophotonics
Wann Am 15.06.2017 von 14:30 bis 15:30
  • Kolloquium
Wo SH Lecture Hall
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Important discoveries in astronomy are often possible thanks to the progress of optical technologies. In the coming era of extremely large telescopes, photonic devices (i.e. devices manipulating light on scales comparable to its wavelength) are expected to play a central role in astronomical instrumentation, due to their potential for delivering compact, light-weight, and highly-multiplexed instruments with low maintenance needs.

In the Colloquium highlights from the research carried out by the ‘Integrated astrophotonics’ group at innoFSPEC/AIP will be presented, ranging from the development of compact photonic calibration sources for low- to high-resolution spectrographs, to applications of photonic lanterns, to multi-aperture spectro-interferometric devices.
We will discuss how these technologies could effectively contribute to enhance the performance of astronomical instruments enabling science cases ranging from exoplanetary and stellar astrophysics to cosmology. Concrete examples are represented e.g. by compact photonic calibration sources which could keep an accuracy in the order of a few cm/s over long periods (months or years) and high-precision, sparse aperture, intra-pupil spectro-interferometric instruments for the enhancement of the effective angular resolution of the telescope and the synthesis of high-contrast, spectrally-resolved images of astronomical targets.