The Sherwood-Relics simulations

The Sherwood-Relics suite consists of over 200 simulations and focuses on cosmic reionization and its impact on the intergalactic medium (IGM) and Lyman-alpha forest.

It includes runs with a new lightweight hybrid radiative transfer/cosmological hydrodynamical simulation technique that I have developed to capture radiative transfer effects during patchy cosmic reionization. It allows following the spatial fluctuations of IGM temperature and pressure-smoothing that are seeded by patchy reionzation and that persist for a significant amount of time after its completion. A full description of the technique is provided here.

Neutral hydrogen density

IGM temperature

Neutral hydrogen density (left) and IGM temperature (right) in one of our hybrid, patchy reionization simulations at z=7.

Further information on the Sherwood-Relics simulations can be found here.

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