Connect to the institute with VPN

Please note that the following notes only work, if you are  outside the AIP.

MacOS-Users can follow this Documentation - Windows- and Linux-Users follow the documentation below, please.


If you want to create a VPN-Connection to the institute, you'll need a Windows-Account inside the domain "astrophysik" and the Software "Cisco AnyConnect". Please open your Browser and connect to the VPN-Gateway of the institute. Login with your windows credentials there. Select "AnyConnect" on the left navigation and follow the instructions on the right.

After a successful installation and start of the Cisco AnyConnect Client, you'll be able to connect to the institute through VPN.

In case you don't run a windows with activated ActiveX inside Internet Explorer, the installation routine will need a working  Java-installation. If the automatic installation fails the installer will recommend a manual insallation and provide a Download link to the software. Download the software and install it manually on your system.



Start Cisco AnyConnect after successful installation and enter your credentials. After a few seconds you should have a working VPN-Connection. You'll have access to all resources of the AIP, that you have inside the institute.


How to establish a VPN connection to the administration network

You can find a tutorial on how to establish a VPN connection to the administration network here


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