Data access

LBT data is automatically archived in Tucson and on mirror archives in Europe. From the AIP we access to the German LBT archive server at the Max-Planck Institute in Heidelberg.
Due to internet security issues, access is currently only available from one AIP computer, namely
Log on to using your normal AIP Linux account using ssh with the -X option. The -X option is important as it allows you to open a browser on with the display on your local computer:
% ssh -X
On maja you can now open a browser (e.g. firefox) and then open the web page
Enter the userid and password which you can get from Jesper Storm ( Make sure that you save your images on a disk partition where there is sufficient space! Each LBC image is 62Mb!
WARNING: It is better to close any browser window on your local machine before starting the browser on the remote machine. The remote machine will NFS mount your local file system so any browser files will be taken over and confusion can result!