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Second data release of WiFSIP data

Second data release of WiFSIP data

blue: stars, green: with match in PPMXL, red: removed, orange: cosmics


Second data release WiFSIP

A cosmics rejection, an improved detection of binaries and a new WCS-solver now taking care of non-linear distortions in the field-of-view of WiFSIP greatly improves catalog matching. The image to the left shows a 60 second exposure in r' of an open stellar cluster. From 3431 identified stars (blue circles), 3248 could be matched against the PPMXL catalog (green circles). At S/N = 10, m=20.0mag could be reached, the zero-point of this frame is at 26.9 mag. Binaries not used for WCS are marked in red, cosmics are identified with orange circles in the zoom.