Ben Rendle (University of Birmingham)

Asteroseismology for Galactic Archaeology - from Oscillations to Galactic Structure
Wann Am 24.04.2018 von 15:30 bis 16:30
  • Special Seminar
  • Kolloquium
Wo LH, Seminarraum (oberes Stockwerk)
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Asteroseismology is a powerful diagnostic tool for the determination of accurate stellar parameters, placing tight constraints on masses and radii(~3-10%; ~1-5%) and subsequently on the derived ages (~20-35 %). Standardasteroseismic measurements are made using scaling relations, which make useof the global asteroseismic parameters the frequency of maximum oscillation and the large frequency separation, but what would be possible if all ofthe frequency information were to be used?  In addition, the use of asteroseismology so far has largely been limited to the fields observed by CoRoTand Kepler which lay predominantly within the plane of the galaxy. With the advent of there-purposed Kepler mission, K2, a broader variety of fieldshave since been observed, allowing fresh perspectives ofold problems to be taken. Here I will present the asteroseismic analysis code AIMS and theinitial findings of the K2 Galactic Poles Project, both of which show great promise for the exploiting the potential of K2 and further advancing the field of asteroseismology.