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Kolloquien und Seminare seit 2012

Sladjana Nikolic (MPIA Heidelberg)
Supernova in 3D: VIMOS IFU observations of SN 1006
Michael Kramer (MPIfR Bonn)
Fundamental physics with radio astronomy
Pirin Erdogdu (UCL, London)
The 2MASS Redshift Survey: Reconstructed Density and Velocity Fields and the Local Group Dipole
Tanya Urrutia (AIP)
Feedback in action in luminous, young, dust-reddened QSOs
Andreas Faltenbacher (Cape Town)
Anisotropy in the matter distribution at very large scales
Benedetta Ciardi (MPA Garching)
Cosmic reionization: theoretical modelling and challenging observations
Stefano Ansoldi (Udine University)
A statistical approach to the determination of model parameters in astrophysics: The case of active galactic nuclei synchrotron-self compton models
Juan Carlos Munoz-Cuartas (AIP)
Properties of the distribution of dark matter
Sadegh Khochfar (MPE)
The formation of massive galaxies through cosmic time
Hans-Erich Froehlich (AIP)
Bayesian photometric spot modeling - experiences and first results

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